Critics, MEDEA Awards 2012 

Intreractive learning environment “A letter - A story"

"A Letter - A Story' offers a large amount of colorful and rich creative learning materials that can be characterized as being perfectly suitable for the target group, mainly children aged 5 to 7 years old. The learning materials are very well organized and perfectly well structured; they seem to provide a nice and effective introduction to the (shape of) the letters of the Greek alphabet, the sounds of letters and their usage in words, with the interactive game materials being a good supplement to the TV/video clips."

"The use of rhythmic music, rhymes and short narrations in simple animation films for this target group (pre-schoolers and first graders) is a perfect match, it is spot on."

"The funny way in which phonics are introduced is very clever. The production promotes the easy learning of the relationship between words and phonemics."