Mariza Decastro - Author, Children’s literature Critic  

Mariza Decastro, Author, Children’s literature Critic
TO VIMA TIS KIRIAKIS Newspaper, April 2006
"The moon's new dresses" 

The Moon’s New Dresses is a book I’d love to give small children, it is such a wonderful, spontaneously poetic and deeply tender tale.

The moon, that brilliant creature of the sky that plays games with its body, fools young Irene, who wants to sew it little clothes and treat it like another of her dolls!

It keeps on changing, growing by the day, and the little girl can never work fast enough to bring it the right size of dress. And she watches its transformations with enchantment until the moon reveals its secret to her: in its endless round of changes it will wear each and every one of the dresses she has given it, one after the other. It would be ideal if parents could read their little ones the story piece by piece as together they watch the magical nightly changes of the charming moon.