Εleni Sarantiti - Author/ Critic 

Εleni Sarantiti - Author/ Critic
‘Library’ ELEFTHEROTIPIA Newspaper, 24 February 2006
"The moon's new dresses"

Sophia Madouvalou’s new fairy tale is sheer delight. Like an ethereally shining fabric woven with soaring imagination from children’s dreams, endearments, caressing glances and feelings of great tenderness, it is a tale for little children who are always eager for a walk, since a trip across the broad expanses of the heavens is what this little tale of hers can be described as. It leads us through wide open spaces free from boundaries or limitations, takes us on flights alongside shooting stars and puts us down on landscapes illuminated by the bright beams of the moon, where young Irene journeys through the night, with only dreams for luggage.

Irene’s conversations with the moon are sweet and at the same time humorous; they are innocent yet throw out sparks; and certainly they are original. Beautifully illustrated by Andreas Karabelas, this outstanding tale is suitable for readers five to eight years old.