Angeliki Varela - Author 

Angeliki Varela, Author, May 2013 
"The prince who turned into a castle"

Tradition and the writer’s craft are harmoniously entwined in this tale from the wilds of the Mani based on the towers that are the most distinctive feature of its harsh landscape. The author has taken this unyielding material and skillfully woven a delightful tale from it. In the conditions in which we live today, when tradition is neglected, it seems to shoot up like a bright flame of creative renewal.

Succinct, spare and simple in style, respecting the rules of the traditional fairy tale, it resembles a picture embroidered onto cloth. The creatures of the imagination that move within it seem larger than this tapestry can naturally hold, showing that the power of love spurred on by suffering, can conquer all.
Illustrator Vasso Psaraki has used all her magic arts to give the text its greatest possible meaning, thus making a major contribution to this perfect combination of words and pictures.